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The trademarked faucet design that saves lives

FULLSTOPBank On Rain identified and confirmed that water faucets are often the weak link in water systems and contribute to the high failure rate of water projects in developing countries. The Fullstop™ Faucet was designed and trademarked by engineer, inventor, and Bank On Rain founder Mike Williamson to solve this problem.

This is why the Fullstop™ saves water and lives:

  • The Fullstop™ Faucet saves water because it is self-closing. It has only one moving part that is easy to repair. Many water systems fail because the faucets are left on, they break and remain broken or they are stolen (expensive faucets are a target for thieves).
  • The Fullstop™ Faucet reduces or eliminates the problem of re-contamination. The tap is operated with a plunger that remains in the stream of clean water. This solution has been shown to eliminate up to 85% of bacteria. Simply removing the hands from the water stream stops the water flow, which means there is absolutely no contact with a valve handle that has been touched by someone else’s dirty hands.

The FullStop™ is another link in the chain of achieving hygiene, improving health, and saving lives.


COMING SOON : VIDEO DEMO fullstop logo


The Fullstop™ is approved as a viable project for funding  by the Peer Water Exchange (PWX) process, where several qualified members participated in the Q & A review of our application, and approved it.

Bank On Rain is actively seeking donors or partners for manufacturing the faucets for testing. Testing the Fullstop™ faucets will be implemented by many of  the 100 (PWX) members, in functioning water installations in developing countries. The performance of the faucets will be tracked by members on the (PWX) website. We will be updating here.

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