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The fascinating story behind our logo


The Designer

The Bank On Rain logo was designed by James Ferris. What many people don’t know about James is this: he was on the design team at the marketing firm, Regis McKenna when they designed the very first Apple Corporate Identity, including the Apple Logo. He was then lured to Apple by Steve Jobs himself to head up the Apple Creative Services (Jobs called him The Art God).┬áJames went on to grow a┬áteam of only two people into a department of over 100 of the very best designers in the world.

The Ripples

The meaning of ripples is very significant for Bank On Rain. One drop of rain and the knowledge of Rainwater Harvesting can ripple; impacting much more than the one original drop. The knowledge of one rainwater harvesting system installed in a school in Africa follows the students to their villages, some very far away. Knowledge which can be used and replicated many times over. That’s the power of ripple.

Think Rain

Think Rain! This is a core belief of Bank On Rain. Our approach using an available resource can solve the problems of clean drinking water, and water for agriculture in many developing countries.

Dark Skies Lead to Improved Life

Dark skies which bring rain also bring hope in the form of water and an improved quality of life. Light skies with a bit of the sun breaking through symbolize the improved quality of life rainwater brings to those who have the knowledge and tools to harness it.

The Bank On Rain Team.



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