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Ride for their Lives.

We wrote about Katie Spotz in our post “Glamour is Not Enough” and about her adventures as an extreme athlete, raising money for clean drinking water and inspiring all of us to do more than we think we can!

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Now she and Sam Williams are going to “Ride for their lives”


The Race Across America is a 3,000 mile bicycle race across the USA. On the face of it, that seems pretty tough, considering the Tour de France is under 2,300 miles long. But that’s only the half of it.

Right from when the race starts  on June 18, 2011 in Oceanside, California, the clock will keep ticking, 24 hours/day, until Katie and Sam cross the finish line in Annapolis, Maryland. Relaying as they go and cycling through the night, catching a bit of sleep whenever they can, they are aiming to complete the race in under 7 days 18 hours, setting a new record.

During this marathon attempt, they will have to climb over 100,000 feet (more than three times the height of Everest) and cope with searing temperatures as their bodies tell them, time and time again, that this shouldn’t be possible. Thankfully, they’re pretty stubborn!

Read more about Katie and Sam on The Blue Planet network.

What is very exciting is one of their sponsors is Levi’s® Shape What’s To Come SM  which is a global community aimed at empowering women to turn their passion into a lifestyle. It’s a place where women can come together to share, inspire, teach and learn from each other. Katie Spotz is proof that every dream can become a reality with the right support, as Sam Williams gave to her during her solo ride across the Atlantic. Other sponsor is Kineto home water systems who clearly see the need for clean drinking water.

Bank-On-Rain will be bringing you the latest updates and links as Katie and Sam Race across America. Stay tuned and dont forget they are off on June 18th. All of us at Bank-On-Rain wish you both “God’s Speed”

CASUDI Caroline Di Diego, Bank On Rain Founder and Director. THINK RAIN!

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