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Our Small & Nimble Team

Our small & nimble team can move fast, implement multiple projects at one time, share our expertise, and or partner with others to help them implement their projects. And, being small and nimble keeps our administrative costs extremely low.

Our mission: establish ecosystems in developing countries

Ecosystems, which not only provide communities with clean water for consumption and agriculture, also create a framework for an improved way of life now and for the future.


We are able to help larger organizations

Our size and our expertise enables us to implement for larger organizations such as The Blue Planet Network and we are an active member of the Peer Water Exchange, a participatory, collaborative, decision-making community, which selects, funds, manages, monitors, and shares results from grassroots water and sanitation projects worldwide.

Why Bank On Rain was started – the real story

Mike Williamson, our co-founder said this to me one Saturday, several years ago:

ā€œIā€™m going to be selling my company some year soon, and I really want to spend my retirement making a positive difference in the world. I want to travel developing regions of the globe, and bring a simpler solution for clean drinking water to individuals there; solutions that they can implement for themselves, and more importantly systems they can maintain and sustainā€.

From this simple (or not so simple) idea came our vision for Bank On Rain.

Our team

Founder Mike Williamson: entrepreneur and inventor


First as a Navy diving and salvage officer in Vietnam, then as the founder of Williamson & Associates, a geophysical consulting firm specializing in ocean engineering services, Mike has over 38 years experience in the marine geophysics and acoustics industry. He has served as Chief Scientist or Survey Party Chief on numerous geophysical expeditions for commercial clients, universities and research institutes, and government agencies.Ā Mike is experienced in working in remote locations, from Rwandan jungles to PNG atolls to offshore Asia. He understands ā€œhands onā€ and is accustomed to getting the job done.

Mike is also an inventor, owning multiple patents. He has designed the Bank On Rain prototype Fullstopā„¢ faucet which is cheap to manufacture, saves water, and promotes sanitation and hygiene. The first Fullstopā„¢ manufacturing run will be used and tested through the peer network at Peer Water Exchange.

Director Ken Blair: the ā€œnuts and boltsā€ go-to guy


Ken is the practical implementer on our small & nimble team. Ken installs Rainwater Harvesting systems everyday for his commercial rainwater design and installation company RainBank in the Pacific Northwest (USA). He possesses an innate understanding of the problems inherent in rainwater systems and their solutions. He can ā€˜think on his feetā€™ when faced with a challenge. He does it every day.

Director Gail Williamson: bringing accountability

Image 6

As director and treasurer at Williamson & Associates Gail is equipped with a deep background in accounting. She is also an accomplished documentary photographer providing many of the visuals for telling our story. Gail participates in all on-the-ground projects, spending time in Africa with the team. She provides objective observations, and has a talent for distilling problems to their basics and offering practical solutions.

Founder Caroline Di Diego, aka CASUDI: gets things done!


Thatā€™s me. I bring many years of hands-on experience in design, marketing communications, PR, and Social Media. I drive the Bank On Rain branding and Iā€™m the social voice, which everyone sees and recognizes as Bank On Rain. I am a principal of esse-group, my own boutique consultancy, which for over 25 years has helped companies tell their stories (even back in the days when we did in it with film!). I work with companies and small businesses solving problems and helping them become fundable and/or profitable.

The Supporting Cast

  1. Ariba Dalal is responsible for the development and maintenance of the Bank On Rain web communications
  2. Betsy Kent of Be Visible Associates helps to raise the visibility of Bank On Rain via her expertise in content development, SEO and Social Media Marketing
  3. Emily Berg, 2012 intern and researcher, is helping to launch our new website by transferring and updating all blog posts.
  4. James Ferris, who contributedĀ  the Bank On Rain logo, is back to assist with fundraising for the Fullstopā„¢ faucet, as Director of funding.

We may be small & nimble, but our approach solves problems that often cause other charitable water projects to fail.

We focus on the whole picture starting with safe sanitation practices, families earn the privilege of learning about and implement rainwater harvesting systems for their villages.

We provide the tools and the continuing education, to establish and maintain the improved quality of life that safe sanitation and clean drinking water brings, opening up future opportunities, developing local business and commerce.

If you know of other organizations could benefit from Bank On Rain expertise, please let us know!

CASUDI Caroline Di Diego, Founder, Director Bank On Rain.Ā  THINK RAIN!

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Bank On Rain A 501(c)(3) incorporated in the State of Washington, operating globally.


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