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Contribute to Bank On Rain

Bank On Rain is a 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Organization. Donations of money are tax deductible.

Please contact us Ā for additional information on projects available for funding ~ we focus on schools and helping small businesses related to installing Rainwater Harvesting Systems. We are also seeking funding for our Fullstop faucet.

CONTRIB-travelContribute your time and your travel! Take a trip to Africa with our team. Every year two peopleĀ  or two couplesĀ  will be invited to accompany our team to Africa for two weeks.

If you are interested in helping build rainwater collection systems in developing countries or implementing sustainable business models related to rainwater systems and have the means to pay your expenses along with the time to give, please contact us. Please include any previous experience traveling in developing countries.

The Bank On Rain selection process is final and we reserve the right to invite or reject any applicants for whatever reason we deem appropriate.

CONTRIB-writeContribute words ~ this means your writing expertise. We are looking for contributors to our blog in the “your stories” and “your ideas” blog post categories. Please contact us with your ideas and samples of your writing.

CONTRIB-gameComing Soon!





Explore the Bank-On-Rain ecosystem and discover why our donors are assured that their contribution not only provides immediate and ongoing relief, but also actually increases in value over time.