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FOG RALLYEvery year the Ferrari Owners Group (FOCF), a Northern California charitable organization, raises money with a specific focus in mind. In 2012 it was water. This year it is literacy for under privileged kids in the San Fransisco Bay area.

In 2012 The Blue Planet Network was the fortunate recipient of funds and as an implementer for The Blue Planet Network, Bank On Rain was selected for the funding of two urgently needed rainwater systems for schools in Sierra Leone:

1. The Barina Agricultural School in Makali, Sierra Leone itself has a rainwater system for drinking and hand washing, which was installed by Bank On Rain in 2011 (link to post) and is functioning well. It supplies adequate clean water for drinking and hand washing for all of the 300 students, but it was not designed to support the additional demands of the new residential teachers quarters which is under construction. The Bank On Rain Rainwater Harvesting System will supply the new facility with sufficient water for drinking as well as cooking, washing and sanitation.

2. Children in Crisis Primary school near Freetown, Sierra Leone that is being built by Schools for Salone. Construction of this school included a latrine but no hand washing facility was provided. The Bank On Rain Rainwater Harvesting System will provide hand washing for 475 students. To reinforce this initiative, Safer Future, a Bank On Rain partner in Sierra Leone, will teach safe sanitation and hygiene to the school staff and students.

The installation of the Bank On Rain Rainwater Harvesting system will also serve as a demonstration system to show how a readily available resource can be a source of clean drinking water. The system will provide the education and inspiration for students to take the knowledge of the actual implementation of harvesting rain to their village homes for safe drinking and hand washing.

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