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Bank On Rain Africa 2011 Update 1


These images just arrived from Rajesh Shah, Director of Peer Water Exchange who met with our team in Sierra Leone last week. Since Rajesh isn’t in the images I have to assume he took them. Thank you so much Rajesh.

This is the very first news I have received from our Bank On Rain team since they left Seattle over a week ago.


Mike Williamson (extreme left), Emily Berg & Gail Williamson (in the middle) and Ken Blair (on the right). Mike,Gail and Ken are founding directors of Bank-On-Rain and Emily is our Bank-On-Rain very capable summer intern.


I particularly like this, as it shows Gail and Emily getting to know the women in the group. I cant wait to hear what they were taking about.

Check out some of our previous posts to find out what Bank-on-Rain is doing in Sierra Leone this week……

CASUDI Caroline Di Diego, Bank On Rain Founder and Director. THINK RAIN!

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