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Bank On Rain Africa 2011 Update 2


The Bank-On-Rain team arrived back safely in the US on 19th September. This is the completed rain water collection and storage system which was installed at the Barina Agricultural School in Malaki, Sierra Leon, a couple of seeks ago. I was told that the teachers and helpers from the village did most of the work under the very capable direction of Ken.  Emily Berg with child “JC”, Gail & Mike Williamson and Ken Blair (Bank-On-Rain) posing with Mohamed Sesa, Sheku Sesay, Mohamed A. Sanko; the Safer Future Youth Development Project staff with whom Bank-ON-Rain has formed a close alliance. More on this alliance very soon.


The system consisted of 4 tanks (5000 Litres), 2 gutters 80′ long and various pipes and fittings.

This is all very well as a community system: but what about replicating the “technology” such as it is, in a remote village? This is exactly what our team did (see below) with the blue containers, which  can be found everywhere… these were purchased in Freetown, SL. The function and purpose is obvious and I especially like Emily’s descriptive instructional sign painted on the wall outside the Girl’s latrine. Emily will be writing a post about our teaching aids and yes, the teaching aids we created before she left for Africa ……really worked.


Stay tuned for our upcoming Bank-On-Rain posts, with lots of details about what we learned…… and when I spoke with Emily, Mike and Ken earlier this week…..”we learned so much”…… was in every other sentence!

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