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Collaboration –> Success

SLBankonRain9One Plus One Equals a Hundred! Bank On Rain’s affiliates are the key to our successes.

We don’t merely ‘dump’ water projects in remote areas and then leave. On-the-ground monitoring ensures donors that their contributions lead to an improved and continuing quality of life. Our partners include schools, village communities, and organizations such as Peer Water Exchange. Here are some examples:

Water In Africa

The Barina Agricultural School in Makali, Sierra Leone and Bank On Rain are partnering on the second Rainwater Harvesting installation. Our on the ground contact is Eric Silverman, a Peace Corps volunteer teacher at the school who is preparing for our Rainwater Harvesting installation in July 2013. He monitors the project and updates us frequently.

Schools of Salone, a Seattle-based charity founded by Cindy Nofziger, has built 14 schools in Sierra Leone since 2002 and is partnering with Bank On Rain for their school, Children in Crisis, to build an urgently needed Rainwater Harvesting system to support 475 students.




Bank On Rain is an implementer for the The Blue Planet Network. In 2006 The Blue Planet Network launched the Peer Water Exchange, an original online technology platform.

We are an active member of the Peer Water Exchange (PWX) a participatory, collaborative, decision-making community of 100 members which selects, funds, manages, monitors, and shares results from grassroots water and sanitation projects worldwide; efficiently, effectively, and transparently. This collaborative non-profit community helps us reach our goals.

Left: In Sierra Leone Bank On Rain founder Mike Williamson meets with Rajesh Shah  the founder of Peer Water Exchange and three representatives from Safer Future one of the 100 Peer Water Exchange active NGO members helping us on the ground to harvest clean water in Africa. The Safer Future association is invaluable in their assistance with education and the implementation of safe sanitation prior to the Bank On Rain Rain Harvesting projects in Sierra Leone.



Bank On Rain focuses on the whole picture: Once a community implements 100% safe sanitation practices it earns the privilege to gain the knowledge and tools to install its own rainwater harvesting systems. We provide the means and the continuing education to establish and maintain the improved quality of life which safe sanitation and clean drinking water bring; opening up future opportunities, developing local business and commerce.

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