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Safe Sanitation –¬†We Inspire Commitment Before We Give.

Each community we help must address existing hygiene issues and undertake complete safe sanitation protocol before the implementation of a Rain Harvesting system. This is a considerable investment by the community and creates an incentive to maintain the system and the improved living standards that the ecosystem enables over the long-term.

The process starts with someone in the community taking the lead, often not the chief, or appointed leader, but a “natural leader.” This “first person” becomes the leader by being the first to show interest and to actually construct a single household latrine. This process sets an example for the rest of the village by influencing and motivating others to do the same.

The process of getting to the point of  Safe Sanitation for a village is often long and very time-consuming (a year or more) with multiple follow-up visits (often several visits a month) by an on the ground team, in this case the very dedicated people from Safer Future, who is a partner of Bank On Rain and a member of the Peer Water Exchange .

safesanitationWhen people or communities in developing area are simply given things it has been found to actually often hinder development. However, when there is something to earn, to do something in return for a gift there is a motivation for people to develop and become more self-reliant.

Safe Sanitation First and only after a community or village has met all the criteria of Safer Future (or similar local organizations), Bank On Rain provides the knowledge and assistance to build a Rainwater Harvesting system which will provide a clean, safe drinking water source (as well as water for agriculture).

Left: In a village in Sierra Leone, where Safe Sanitation has been implemented with 100% compliance villagers feel a sense of pride in their homes and the village which manifests itself as “no flies, no odor, and no trash lying around.”¬†They are very proud of the latrines they have built.

Because of the importance of the water system being part of the ‚ÄúTotal Sanitation‚ÄĚ mindset, Bank On Rain approaches water projects working in partnership with¬†Safer Future¬†and similar on the ground local organizations.


nuTITLEBLOCKThis is not a fast solution, often taking many months to a couple of years for a village to meet our Safe Sanitation standards. But it sets the stage for us to impart rain harvesting knowledge for safe, clean water. With this approach there is a far greater chance for success, and continuing the improved quality of life. We provide the tools and the continuing education, to establish and maintain the improved quality of life that safe sanitation and clean drinking water brings; opening up future opportunities, developing local business and commerce.

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