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Water Means Business

SLbankonRain6The Business of Water Reaches Far and Wide. Bank On Rain systems provide water for human consumption and agriculture. The safe sanitation practices we teach lead to a better quality of life and a secondary result is that small businesses emerge to maintain the improved quality of life. An economy is built, knowledge is created and shared, and this elegant ecosystem is duplicated in village after village.

The Rainwater Harvesting System

Whenever we share the knowledge and help a community build a Rainwater Harvesting system our focus is on developing “consumers” rather than¬†“dependents.” We buy products locally to implement our systems and look for opportunities to support existing businesses or help those that show interest in starting new ones.

Rainwater Harvesting systems need basic materials for implementation, and the storage tank is top of the list. We have purchased two Interlocking Stabilized Soil Block (ISSB) machines from Makiga Engineering Services in Kenya. One was shipped to Washington State (USA) where Bank On Rain is using it to train students and interns who are headed for Africa.

MAKIGA2 The second machine was shipped to The Barina Agricultural School in Makali, Sierra Leone to build a tank this summer for new teacher quarters and to teach, staff, students and locals a skill which can provide employment or the knowledge to start a business that facilitates water tanks for Rain Harvesting systems.

Left: This tank was built with the Makiga Soil Block Press. The press is heavy duty, low maintenance and manually operated. No power other than human strength is required.

The machine creates curved interlocking soil blocks suitable for building rainwater storage tanks. It compacts a mixture of soil and cement into stabilized soil blocks for the construction of affordable water tanks. Working under typical compression force of 80-100kN and weighing 140kg, The machine is capable of producing 400 to 500 blocks under the workmanship of four individuals on day shifts. Four men in one eight-hour day can build enough bricks for a three meter tank, that stores 10,000 liters of rainwater.

The bricks need 14 days to cure and with another 2-3 days construction, including cement foundation, you have a rainwater harvesting tank in place.

nuTITLEBLOCKFacilitating low-cost water storage in developing countries, which the people themselves can create with local available materials is a key ingredient in inspiring self-sufficiency and maintaining the improved quality of life.

Bank On Rain is exploring the options for manufacturing our Fullstop Faucet in Africa and India, licensing the design to exiting businesses or helping start new ones.

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