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Monthly Archives July 2011

God Is Watching!

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  In a culture where things tend to disappear whenever you aren’t looking, how can you ensure that shipped items will make it safely to a small village in Africa? Bank-On-Rain is planning to install a rain collection system in August for the Barina Agricultural School in Makali and those

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One Man, Twenty-Six Wells….

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Eugene Nelson, succeeds where many non-profit organizations many times larger fail. Eugene is an electrical engineer at Intel and he gets one month off every year during which he travels to a small village in Cambodia where he installs wells and dramatically improves the quality of life for the village

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Can You Find Local Solutions for Storing Rainwater?

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Here in the US, we most often use plastic tanks or ‘heavy-duty’ metal tanks with a strong plastic membrane interior, for our rainwater storage. But what happens in remote areas when we either can’t bring or don’t have these plastic or metal tanks? Where do we go then for charity

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